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Floods, Fire & Forums – What a Year … 2016

The year 2016 has been eventful for certain.  The year was marked with forums in February and March, the historic flood also in March in Newton County, and the Bean Building burning in July of this year.  Of course there have been many other important events but these three have truly marked 2016.  The historic flood in March of this year left many with devastation and yet brought people together in a way that none could have expected.  Residents have worked hard with the help of many volunteers and most have been able to put their lives back together.  What a year for the candidates and the voters.  The competition was strong with many seeking the roles of Sheriff and County Judge in Newton County.  All the way through November, it was a tough race.  And then in July, the historic Bean Building burned on the western corner of the courthouse square and what was a beautiful brick edifice is now just an empty shell.  Owner, Mark Bean wants to see it restored in time but admits it will certainly be a huge undertaking due to the cost of restoring such an amazing building.  The year 2016 held many victories and high points for the folks of Newton County, but there were some defeats.  We hope that 2017 holds blessing for you and yours and that s a county we have a bright future in the days ahead.

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