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Put Those Deer Cams to Good Use – Sheriff’s Report for the Week

We had another crazy week here at the Sheriff’s Office.  Special thanks to Kathy Lane for working hard and getting us where we need to be and also special thanks to Chief Deputy Cynthia Hall and Deputy Barry Laird for going from can to can’t.  My hat’s off to ya’ll.

We have recovered a couple more stolen guns this week.  A deer camp was robbed and vandalized but we recovered everything that was taken.  We are making a little progress but lots more to go.  There were several more burglaries last week so please keep an eye out for things that look out of the normal where you live.  Neighbors looking out for neighbors…IT WORKS!

SOME ADVICE:  Deer season is over.  Bring your cameras to your home and put them out watching over your house, your driveway and out-buildings.  You might be surprised what you might get pictures of and it can really help us.  Gotta go!  Ya’ll have a good week!

Thought for the week:  Never mess up an apology with an excuse.

God Bless, Billy Rowles

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