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Burkeville ISD Placed On Lockdown

Local residents are frustrated with the recent activities at the Burkeville Independent School District.  On Tuesday, May 23, 2017 a board meeting was held on the campus of BISD.  The meeting was well attended with standing room only.  Several residents expressed concerns with the district on the way things in the district are being conducted.  One common concern among residents who spoke was that parents and community member feel that they have been removed or excluded from classrooms or from events by the administration.  Each resident was given five minutes to speak about their concerns without addressing their ongoing complaint to the board or the crowd.  There were several concerns stated about the broken  public address system with residents saying that fire drills are being announced audibly throughout the halls.  Dr. Graham gave a response since the meeting held on Tuesday stating the school had been struck twice by lightning this year and that board members voted Tuesday night to approve once again, to replace the $26,000 system.

Thursday morning BISD was placed on lockdown due to an incident in administration when a resident asked for a form to be placed on the agenda.  She said she would not leave without the form so the Superintendent called the Sheriff’s Office and placed the campus on lockdown.  Upon an investigation by the Newton County Sheriff’s Office, the form was indeed needed in order to be placed on the agenda according to the school’s website.  The school informed the resident they did not have any copies of the form but the resident was able to obtain a copy from a former board member.

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