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A Time to Honor and Remember

On Monday, June 12, a special ceremony was given to honor the Hines men for their service to our country.  Clint, Nathan, Ross, Robert and Calvin were given a Staff of Honor walking stick to commend them for their service to our nation.  Robert Hines and Calvin Hines were unable to attend the ceremony due to their active service.

Shady Acres was also presented with an Honor and Remember flag by State Director of Honor and Remember, Roy James.  The flag will fly at Shady Acres as soon as this week.  State Representative James White presented each staff to the men and thanked each for their dedication and devotion to our country.  White stated that he wished he had 20 families in each county that had the dedication of the Hines family.  The presentation was given by the staff of Shady Acres and the presentation was both moving and powerful for all that attended.  The staffs given to the Hines were made in Kirbyville, Texas by Henry Bros. of Texas.  You can go to to see more about how they are made.

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