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What is a Habitat … by Park Ranger Amy

On Tuesday, July 18th, Newton County Public Library held the second of four programs of the Summer Reading Program.  Martin Dies State Park was represented by Ranger Amy and her assistant, Ms. Sarah.  The topic of the program was Habitat.  Ranger Amy asked the children if they knew what a habitat was and could they tell her what might be in a habitat.  Several children answered by saying it was like a house and that you might find things such as food and water.  The children were then asked to draw pictures of what their habitat could look like and when the children were finished drawing they discussed what they drew.  Ranger Amy and Sarah then passed out items they had collected outside at the park.  The children were divided into groups and given different items such as branches, leaves, grass, and two or three photographs of animals.  They were instructed to create a habitat for the animals.  The children then explained to everyone what they had created.

Ranger Amy and Ms. Sarah were very informative and the children seemed to really enjoy learning about a habitat.  The second program of the summer reading program could be considered a huge success if the smiles and laughter  from the children and adults were any indication!

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