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The Bearded Dragon Visits the Newton County Public Library

On Tuesday, August 1st, Beaumont Exotic Pets presented the fourth and final program of Newton County Public Library’s summer reading program.  And what an ending it was!  Owner, Ms. Mandi McKee and her helpers Landon McKee and Tim Friedenberger began their presentation by introducing Dougie the Duck.  Dougie was very sweet and allowed all of the children and adults pet him.  Next in the line up was Bogie the Parrot.  Bogie is a 13 year old Mini Macaw and very friendly as well.  After much anticipation Ms. Mandi pulled out the containers and bags.  Most of the children that have attended previous programs understood what was in the bags – the reptiles.  First out was the Asian Vine snake.  This particular snake is mildly venomous and very fast so the children were not allowed to hold it.  Next in line was the Ball Python, then the Golden Child Reticulated Python (Zena), and last but not least the Bearded Dragon.  Several of the children were allowed to hold the Bearded Dragon and this proved to be a great photo-op.  Rounding off the line up was Homie the Redwood Tortoise, a pair of Moon Crabs, a Tarantula, and two different types of Scorpions.

Newton County Public Library would like to thank all of those who helped make our summer reading program a success.  Thank you to Brookshire Brothers of Newton, Jasper Newton Electric Co-Op, and all of the volunteers.  Thank you to the parents who made it possible for your children to participate, and last but certainly not least, Thank You children of Newton County for deciding that reading matters!  We applaud your efforts and encourage you to keep reading!

Pictured is Luke Herrington holding the infamous “Bearded Dragon”.

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