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Rescue Heroes Come Out in Full Force

What a week!  Newton County is among 58 counties in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey.  It’s been a week of rain, rescues and hometown residents that take care of each other in a way that surpasses understanding.

After nearly 26 inches reported in the City of Newton last week, the waters were rising.  The Houston, Beaumont and Vidor areas recorded approximately 50+ inches so Texans all over southeast Texas were truly in need of help.  The stories of heroism make you sit back in amazement during times like these with local fellows taking boats and going out to help rescue folks trapped in their homes by rising water, or people on roadways trying to save others that find themselves in trouble, and friends and neighbors raising merchandise out of the flood waters reach in local businesses.  Workers that helped in the local shelter told me precious stories of volunteers posting needs on Facebook and within minutes, the items were delivered to the shelter with smiles and hugs.  Our community really shows how much they care especially in desperate times.  People cooking, cleaning, donating, protecting all for the sake of another.  It is truly inspiring to watch our neighbors come together in unity to support those in need.

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