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Scotland County, North Carolina Sending Help Right Here in Newton County

Kind people moved with compassion as far away as Laurinburg, North Carolina saw the need in Texas and got busy.  Their generous hearts compelled them to give and fill three trailers full of supplies and those supplies are headed here to Newton County, Texas as of 4 p.m. on Monday afternoon.  The trailers of goods will be escorted by Scotland County Sheriff, Ralph Kersey and is expected to arrive in a day or so.

The local folks in Laurinburg were so moved they filled the trailers with items like water, paper towels, shampoo, cat and dog food, hand sanitizer, washcloths, baby and adult diapers, baby bottles and so much more.  We spoke with a gentleman from the radio station WLMC of Laurinburg and he said people in his community were so moved an noted that he had seen on our website that this is the second flood in a little over a year in Newton County.  This year’s flooding was due to Hurricane Harvey dumping anywhere from 25-55 inches in rain on southeast Texas.  As they saw images of the mass devastation in Houston, Vidor, and our area, they were compelled to do something to help.  Laurinburg local businesses, churches and residents came out with such tremendous support to provide much needed cleanup and basic supplies here in Newton County.  We read on their local newspaper’s website, that churches had gathered to pray for the victims of Hurricane Harvey as September 3, 2017 was declared a National Day of Prayer in America by President Donald Trump.  President Trump asked that all Americans pray for Texans and the victims of Harvey.

Newton residents and other fellow Texans are so grateful for the kindness of strangers.  Their generosity is absolutely amazing and so needed at times like these.  May God Bless Laurinburg, North Carolina.

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