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Brookshire Brothers Spreading Lots of Christmas Cheer

By Joe Miller/Newton Food Share

At times I have been critical of stores starting the Christmas Season before the Halloween candy has been eaten.  Lots of decorations and such while it is still above 90 degrees outside.  However, there is a big difference when we are planning to provide for those who are needy before Christmas is here.  Any time of the year is a good time for providing for others.  This year Brookshire Brothers provided bags of groceries for customers to purchase for the Newton Food Share.  We received 23 of these bags.  Also, customers gave their hard earned money to purchase gifts for Santa’s Toy Brigade that the Newton Volunteer Fire Department distributes each year.

There are two pretty amazing things about this Christian gratitude.  1.  Newton is not a place with a lot of wealthy people; yet people opened their hearts and purses to make food and gifts available for many of their neighbors.  2.  The Manager, Gina Adams and all of the employees of Brookshire Brothers always go the extra mile in providing this community.  Okay, so there are three.  3.  Many of the employees opened their hearts and purses to contribute as well.

So, Christmas will be merrier for many, thanks to Brookshire Brothers and the generous people of Newton, Texas.  I guess purple pride is also purple community and purple compassion.  May it never ever die!

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