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A Long Road to Victory

On Sunday, January 21st Corbin Foster was invited to come and share his story at The River Church in Merryville, Louisiana.  His is a story of tenacity, of determination and learning to trust God.

Corbin stepped back in time and share of his successes as an elite child athlete in competitive gymnastics and pee-wee football.  He share how from a young age he caught his coach’s attention with signs of real talent.  In middle school Corbin’s story seemed to take a left turn when he injured his shoulder and then in the next two years had serious knee injuries all requiring surgeries.  He shared how discouraged he was becoming when the same day three different people reminded him how sometimes God has a bigger plan and that maybe he would go into the medical field as a result of his injuries and struggles.  Those confirmations were like fresh water to his young heart reminding him that God cared for him and did in fact have a good plan for his life.

Corbin went on to share how his junior year he saw amazing results in his push to come back from his injuries.  He broke records on the football field and was absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude.  The start of his senior year he wondered if his success was merely a fluke.  Would he have the success that he had seen in the previous season?  The answer to his concern was an absolute yes.  Corbin went on to break his own records winning the state title with the Newton Eagles and seeing more of God’s promises come to pass.  Corbin Foster is a genuinely thankful guy with his feel on the path to becoming an orthopedic doctor.  His family, friends and some of his coaches were present for his message to show their support.  Well done Corbin.  We are so excited to see all that God has in store for your life.

Pictured is Coach Hatton, Head Coach Johnston, Corbin Foster, Coach Parks and Coach Carver.  Photo Courtesy The River Church.

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