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Watson Announces Candidacy for Newton County Commissioner, Precinct 2

My name is James (Red) Watson.  I am running for the position of County Commissioner of Precinct 2 in Newton County, Texas in the Democratic Primary.

I am a Newton County native.  I attended school in Burkeville.  I decided to make the Farrsville Community my home.  I own and operate several businesses in Burkeville, one of which is Red Watson Logging.  I believe I have learned many lessons over the past 26 plus years that I could apply to the job of commissioner for our county.  Being self-employed, I am familiar with many of the hurdles that local employers and employees face on a daily basis.

One of the greatest concerns facing our local community and our county is the lack of good jobs for our young people.  I will endeavor to work diligently with our local county and state officials to establish a solid industry base to help provide jobs for the next generation.  We need business opportunities in our county and we must help our existing businesses grow and prosper.  We have one of the best resources in the world right here in our county; talented and hard working people.  We are a community of people who “can get things done.”

See more of this story in this week’s Newton County News.

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