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Fire Destroys Home But No One Injured

The Newton Volunteer Fire Department received a call about a house fire around 6 p.m. Saturday evening.  The home was owned by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Menville and was located on Highway 87 just north of Newton.

It seems there were many heroes at the scene of this fire.  We spoke with Ashley Morrow and she and her husband Shane were heading south on Hwy. 87 and saw smoke and looked over and saw that it was billowing out of the back door of the home.  They noticed that the homeowner Terry Menville was down on the porch.  They immediately went to her and moved her to a safe place calling the Sheriff’s Office to report the fire.  Thankfully help was already on the way.  EMS responded but Menville needed no further treatment.  The pets were all removed with no injuries as well.  Newton, Bon Wier and Trout Creek all responded to the fire and according to Fire Chief Herb Kelly, each department worked hard and had to return several times to extinguish the fire.  Chief Kelly thanks everyone that responded and stated that prayers go out to the family.

Photo Courtesy Curbey Schmidt.

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