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Hope Springs Again

Did you know that Minnesota has a very high percentage for volunteerism?  Well, it certainly does and their kindness brought them all the way to Newton County, Texas to be an answer to the prayers of many of our local citizens.  Care Fest on Wheels traveled 1,100 miles through snow and rain to come to the rescue of local residents that have suffered not one but two major floods in just two years.  A historic flood in the spring of 2016 damaged many homes in Newton County and then Hurricane Harvey came through dumping more flooding rain in Newton County once again.  For some families in Deweyville, hope had completely dwindled until word came that help was on the way.  Many of these families are unable to receive FEMA’s help due to the fact that their homes are located in the floodplain.  For others that are eligible federal help is just really slow in coming to Deweyville.  Even those that do qualify are getting only a fraction of what is needed to rebuild.

I recently spoke with Rose Korabek, who is considered by many to be an angel.  She is the Administrative Director for Team Rochester.  Her words were, “It’s been grief upon grief for these people.  They are in tears when they call me.  Now they have heard we are coming and more people are placing requests.”  Hope is blooming again for those living in south Newton County.  Pictured is the Care Fest Team.

See more in this weeks ‘NEWS’.

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