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Neighbors Making a Difference in Deweyville

Sheriff Billy Rowles reports to us that on Friday, May 18, 2018, his office received a call that some suspicious men had returned to what looked like an abandoned house in Deweyville.  The men had been seen stealing at the same home about two weeks ago and lo and behold, they returned.  The home is owned and being remodeled by a man in Mississippi.  The neighbors in the area were asked to watch over the home while he was away.  A photo was taken of a black Toyota truck which was spotted weeks before.

The Sheriff’s office and neighbors had been watching and waiting for their moment to sweep in on the suspects.  Sure enough, Newton County Deputy Carter was able to find and arrest the suspects on Friday in Deweyville.  It seems they were stealing copper wire out of the garage of the home.  The men were arrested and taken to the Newton County Jail where they are still being held.

The Sheriff again wants to thank good neighbors for helping them put a stop to the theft in the county.  “We can do a lot of good working together in our county,” said Sheriff Rowles.

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