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Oh We Love the Halls of Newton…

Newton High School sent off 71 graduates last Friday night.  Their Valedictorian, Corbin Foster shared an inspirational address with his fellow graduates and the crowd that attended.  It was a sweltering evening with temps in the 90s, but the speeches given and excitement in the air made everything seem almost magical, especially for those that were celebrating a finish to this monumental accomplishment.  Foster spent time going back through the years sharing his thanks and appreciation for all those who invested in his 2018 class.  He especially honored his father and mother for their hard work and commitment to his endeavors.  He shared how injuries in football could have taken him completely out of the game, but that his faith and determination helped him achieve goals he could have never imagined.  His speech was truly meant to encourage all the listeners never to give up.  Each graduate proudly received their diploma from the NISD Board President, Donnie Meek and memories were made for certain.  The evening was a happy occasion and we congratulate each one for this great milestone in their lives.

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