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Caught in Broad Daylight

Sheriff Rowles reported to us that last week the Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from a homeowner living on FM 363 out of Bleakwood stating that a man drove up in the driveway and honked his horn.  The homeowner did not go outside so that man got out of his vehicle, went into a shed and stole a chainsaw.  The chainsaw had sentimental value to its owner.  The perpetrator must have caught a glimpse of the homeowner because he then fled the property.  The man was identified as 59 year old Billy Hunter.  Hunter was later arrested by Sheriff’s Deputy Hopson and the stolen property was recovered.  Sheriff Rowles warned residents that when someone honks the horn in the driveway, many times they are waiting to see if anyone is home.  Be very cautious in this situation.

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