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Meek Medals at Special Olympics Games Seattle 2018

The Special Olympics USA games come around every four years and this year’s games was celebrating their 50 year anniversary of Special Olympics.  The sportsmanship and joy shown by the athletes was indescribable and to be a part of it was something that you will never forget.

Samantha Meek made us all proud as she competed in four events.  On the first day of competition Samantha won the silver medal in the long jump.  She was tied with a personal best jump of 2.83 meters.  The tie-breaker awarded her the silver.  On day two she competed in the 100-meter dash running in division one, the fastest heat placing just out of medals at 4th place.  She broke her personal best time with a run of 16.40.

On day three, Samantha ran the 200-meter, winning the bronze medal.  Again with a personal best time of 35.59.  Obviously Samantha does great under pressure.  On the final day of competition, she picked up her 3rd medal winning the bronze on the 4×100 relay team that competed in Division 1 finals.  At the opening ceremony, Samantha was chosen to lead out the 200 member Team Texas Delegation.

Samantha Meek and her father and coach are so thankful for all the support from Newton.  Her father, Donnie Meek shared, “We are so blessed to have been chosen to compete and represent Texas in the national games.”

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