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The Grand Finale was “Grand!”

The fourth and final program of the Newton County Public Library’s summer reading program was not only entertaining, it was MAGICAL!  Mr. John O’Bryant from San Antonio, Texas was the performer (magician) of the day and he did not disappoint the children of Newton County.  The children were captivated by his slight of hand tricks which included disappearing handkerchiefs, magic wants, an unimaginable rope trick, and a floating table.

Mr. O’Bryant’s personality kept the attention of the children and at times you could have heard a pin drop due to their enraptured attention to the trick he was performing.  Gasps of amazement could be heard from both children and adults during the performance!  Mr. O’Bryant involved a lot of the children during his tricks and the children absolutely loved it. This was the library’s first time to have Mr. O’Bryant as one of the summer reading performers, but you can bet we have already booked him for next year!  Thank you again to all of the parents and family members who brought your children to the library this summer.

Thanks goes out to Librarian, Stephanie Ducote and her marvelous staff for always providing a great time for local families.  Be sure to get your kiddos involved next year.  They will love their time spent at Summer Reading.

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