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Back to School News from NISD Superintendent

Summer activities are coming to an end and it is time for school to begin.  In the words of Nita Ambani, “Education is the foundation for our future.  It is the empowerment to omake choices and emboldens the youth to chase their dreams.”  It is fortunate to live in a country where we are able to provide our children with a free education.  Our district is blessed to have a strong relationship with our student’s parents and the community.  We strive to encourage our students to set goals and work towards accomplishing all they can become.  There should not be a limit on a student’s dream with the support of teachers and family they can excel.  As I see parents at the store some are smiling and happy to send their children back to school and others want to make summer last a little longer.  The staff at Newton I.S.D. is ready to welcome back our students.  We have made improvements to facilities over the summer, we have hired a few new staff members and are looking forward to our students returning.

Over the summer we have completed a $1.2 million dollar project installing new air conditioners at the middle school campus and at part of the high school campus.  The project also included converting to LED lighting in all instructional classrooms.  The district has made additional upgrades; the high school culinary arts classroom has been remodeled; the art classroom has been moved into the main building and two classrooms were combined to make one large classroom and work area.  Ag classrooms have been given a new look and the gym has new flooring in the foyer and in the locker rooms.

The district has taken steps to make campuses more secure for our students and staff.  There are multiple security cameras on every campus.  Currently, we are looking to add a commissioned police officer to serve on our campuses.  Recently we have updated our safety and security plan and are making more upgrades on all of our campuses.

The first day of school is Thursday, August 16.  Please keep in mind, traffic will increase with buses on the road, and make it a point to watch for students who will be standing along the side of roads and highways, waiting for the bus.


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