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Real Heroes … A Happy Reunion for Mother and Child

On Tuesday, August 7, 2018, a 3 year old little girl sneaked out of her home on Weiss Street in Newton, Texas.  Her mom was in the shower at the time of her leaving the home.  About 8 p.m., dispatcher, Bobbie Smith stepped outside the front door of the Sheriff’s Office and noticed a small figure walking at the corner of Main and Houston Street, heading toward Loop 505.  Smith looked closer and realized it was a small child.  Realizing the inherent danger the child was in, she called City Chief of Police William jackson and they began to patrol the area in search of the child.  Their fears were that after dark the child could be hit, attacked by dogs, or picked up by a stranger.  After just a few minutes, the child was found crying and extremely frightened.  They then began the search for the family that would be looking for the missing child.  Meanwhile the mother discovered that her daughter was missing and frantically called the Sheriff’s Office.  They were happily reunited at the Sheriff’s Office moments later.

Both Bobbie Smith and Chief Jackson displayed the character that the Newton County Sheriff’s Office and City Police Department always desire to display.  Their quick response and comprehensive search helped bring a little girl home safely.  Reporting Deputy J.L. Bowden and Sheriff Rowles want to officially commend these two public servants for a job well done. Sheriff Rowles said, “Both officers went above and beyond the call of duty to take care of a precious little baby and we are very proud of the way they handled such a dangerous situation.”

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