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Woman Killed Jogging On Tracks

On Sunday night, September 2, 2018 around 11:05 p.m., the Newton County Sheriff’s Office received a call from Kansas City Southern Railroad saying that one of their trains just struck a person jogging on the railroad track.  The accident took place in the Hartburg area of Newton County just east of County Road 4181.

It seems a woman, who has now been identified as 37 year old Amanda Lynn Burns from the city of Orange, was jogging on the railroad tracks and was hit by the train.  The conductor said that he was traveling east at around 10:50 p.m. when he saw a female jogging who was also heading east on the tracks.  He said that he sounded the horn over and over again with no response from the jogger and the train struck her.  Burns was killed in the accident.  Justice of the Peace, Dana Ashmore held the inquest.  She has ordered the body be taken to Jefferson County for an autopsy.  Sheriff Rowles said that Newton County Sheriff’s officers, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Deweyville Volunteer Fire Department all assisted in the investigation.

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