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Runaway Found in Deweyville

A happy ending to what could have been devastating for a family in Kaplan, Louisiana.  Sheriff Billy Rowles reports that a 14 year old boy ran away from his home in Kaplan, Louisiana on June 9, 2018 and on Tuesday, September 25th, nearly 4 months later, called to turn himself in to the Newton County Sheriff’s Department.  Kaplan, Louisiana is around 106 miles from Deweyville, Texas.  According to Sheriff Rowles, the boy stated he had been living in the woods near Deweyville and was simply ready to go home.  Lieutenant Barry Laird responded to the call, and according to Laird, seemed to be “healthy and in good spirits.”  Laird brought him to the sheriff’s department where he was later picked up by the Kaplan Police Department and returned to his home.

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