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Hope Prints Founder Honored

Congratulations to Daisy Thiebaud for winning the October 2018 Hometown Hero Award from Fox News 4 and Conn’s Home Plus in Beaumont, Texas.  This past Wednesday, October 10th, Kelsie from Fox News 4 and Monica from Conn’s Home Plus popped in at the First Baptist Church in Newton to present Newton’s very own Daisy Thiebaud with a very special award.  Local nurse and friend, Laveda Raymond nominated Daisy for her selfless heart and the tremendous sacrifices in her role at Hope Prints Ministries, which she founded after the loss of her youngest child.  Her goal as a Biblical ministry is “To embrace those who grieve, walk alongside and bear one another’s burdens, comfort with tangible memorials, and provide retreats and training for families, couples, or individuals on a journey toward hope.”

In sharing with Daisy about the ministry you quickly realize the solemness and the gravity of the ministry in helping those with tremendous loss.  On special request Thiebaud gave was for the donation of wedding gowns.  The ministry has begun to give gowns to families for the burial of their little ones.  The wedding gowns are transformed into tiny little gowns that are given to families.  If you are interested in donating a gown or need more information on Hope Prints Ministries, please to go and click on contact or you can reach Daisy at 409-381-1669.

Thank you Daisy for all that you do to help families in times of crisis.  You really are making a difference and helping bring hope to those that truly need it.  May God continue to bless the work of your hands.

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