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Sheriff Reports Vandalism and Scams in Newton County

In this week’s Sheriff’s report, Sheriff Billy Rowles warned that vandals were breaking windows in vehicles in and around the city of Newton over the past weekend.  He is asking for help in identifying the subjects in these cases.  He always encourages neighbors to watch out for one another and to have a game camera handy recording any suspicious behavior.  He said that community members should call his office at 409-379-3636 if they have any information on the suspects.

Another big concern of late is that of scams.  Sheriff Rowles reported to us on Monday afternoon that a woman in the county was notified by mail and phone that she had won the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes.  She was told she had won 2.6 million dollars and that to collect the money she needed to pay the taxes up front on the winnings, which was totaled at $180,000.  The FBI has been contacted.

Sheriff Rowles warns those in the county to beware of folks calling wanting money or any personal information.  He also said do not consent to paying money over the phone without careful investigation of the caller.  He urges folks to talk with the Sheriff’s office or with family members before responding to anyone that gives you a notice of any winnings.  He warns residents to be very cautious and use your good judgment.

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