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New Year … New Judge

Photo by Anna Wilkerson

One of Judge Weeks’ first priorities in his new role as Newton County Judge was to issue a Declaration of Disaster for Newton County.  On the 3rd day of January 2019 due to torrential rainfall and severe thunderstorms over an excessive period of time, a declaration was issued to Newton County.

We spoke to Judge Weeks to get some of his thoughts as he enters the New Year in the county judge seat.

NCN:  How do you feel as you enter the New Year as the county judge?

Judge Weeks:  Positive.  I am looking forward to the New Year as the Newton County Judge.  I’m expecting great things for the folks of Newton County.

NCN:  What is your first order of business?

Judge Weeks:  Well, it ha been the Declaration of Disaster.  All the agencies have been in place ready if needed, but thankfully we have not needed them yet.

NCN:  Your thoughts as of January 7th, 2019.

Judge Weeks:  I am appreciative.  I so appreciate the cooperation of the elected officials and am so thankful for all the help and the input thus far.

Judge Weeks shared that he prays daily for wisdom and guidance as he desires to help steer Newton County in the right direction.  You could certainly hear the excitement in his voice as he moves forward with great hope to see good things come to Newton County.

Pictured:  District Judge Craig Mixson holds the swearing in ceremony on January 1st in the Newton County courtroom.  Left to right: Commissioner Precinct 4 Wesley (Gene) Thompson, Newton County Judge Kenneth Weeks and Commissioner Precinct 2 Phillip White.

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