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A Great Day for a State Championship Parade in Newton

The sun came out on Saturday, January 125h just in time to shine on the State Champion Newton Eagles Parade and celebration.  Crowds lined the streets and filled the Howard Civic Center parking lot to cheer and celebrate the win at AT&T Stadium on December 21, 2018.  The Newton Eagles defeated the Canadian Wildcats 21-16.  It was a tough game but the undefeated Eagles brought a back-to-back win for those passionate Eagle fans that had come to support them.  We spoke with Head Coach W.T. Johnston and he beamed with joy over the win.  He could not be prouder of the team and their latest title.  He shared that he was so grateful for the opportunity to coach these fine young men.

The parade began at 2 p.m. and the gathering followed at the civic center.  Athletic Booster Club President, Bobby Bean, led the fans in cheers and joyous celebration as the Newton Elementary Choir sang the song, “We are the Champions”.  State Representative James White was in attendance and spoke to the Eagles congratulating them for their achievement and expressing his desire to have them come to the capital and be introduced to Governor Greg Abbott.  The Newton Eagle Band played the school song and fight song as the crowd was moved to even more enthusiasm.  The Newton Eagles enjoyed every moment of the occasion as they danced and cheered in reflection of the experience they had shared that December day.  Bean shared that now the Booster Club would be moving forward to raise funds for the championship rings and the new monument that would grace Singletary Stadium.  This new monument will mark 5 state titles for the Eagles.

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