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Sheriff is Pleased to announce … K-9 Bruce’s Bill is PAID

The Newton County Sheriff’s Department held a fundraiser on Wednesday, April 17th to help pay for medical bills incurred when K-9 Bruce had a very serious condition with his spleen. After taking Bruce to a local veterinarian they were urged to go to A&M for further treatment.  His condition required emergency surgery.

The Sheriff is glad to report that K-9 Bruce is now fully recovered and his bills are paid in full.  He shared how the young man pictured with Bruce, Deputy Owens and himself is Dylan Gilley.  According to Gilley’s mom, he saw that they were holding the fundraiser and decided to clean out his piggy bank to donate to Bruce.  Sheriff Rowles was so appreciative of the young man’s gift he said, “Dylan Gilley, you are my newest hero and my little buddy.”  Special thanks to all those that gave, especially Commissioner Gary Fomby for cooking and all the wonderful folks who came out to buy fish and support the Newton County Sheriff’s Department.

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