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Officials Speak Out About Rumors of Slaughterhouse in Newton County

We spoke with Newton County Judge, Kenneth Weeks and City Administrator Donnie Meek and both concurred that there is no news on a slaughterhouse coming to Newton County at this time.  Some community members are greatly concerned at the idea of bringing a slaughterhouse to Newton County and are asking for a town hall meeting.  Judge Weeks assured us that when there is any news to report he would gladly hold a meeting, but for now there is no news.  Meek wanted the community to know that the welfare of the residents of the city of Newton is his highest priority.  He and his team at the city are always working to protect the residents and provide the highest quality of service.

We received this press release from Judge Weeks on Monday morning, April 29th.


Please be informed that the Newton County Commissioners Court has not discussed in open session or executive session anything pertaining to a Halal, Kosher, or any other type of slaughter plant becoming a fixture in Newton County.  Additionally, there is not at this time nor has there been anything related to a slaughter plant on the Court Agenda.  We here at the Newton County News will keep our ear to the ground for any new developments on this matter.

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