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Oliver is Found … Service Dog Heading Home

A very special dog was missing in Newton County.  This is no ordinary dog.  This is Oliver, an English Bulldog that is also a service dog for a veteran that served in the Middle East.  Oliver was last seen on a game camera around Leesmill Road on Wednesday, July 17 and now we know he was picked up by a couple from Missouri.  They were concerned about him wandering in the heat and thinking he was homeless, took him with them home to Missouri.  They read he was missing on KJAS and called to let them know he was safe.  Oliver’s owner, Christopher Boyett, is so relieved and as of press time, is heading to Missouri to pick him up.

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  1. Judy Juda on July 24, 2019 at 9:06 am

    So glad to read a story with a very happy ending!

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