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In Remembrance 9/11

As September 11 approaches each year, my heart is heavy.  As a nation, there is a somber haze over us as we reflect on that dreadful day.  But as true as the pain and loss was, so too was the heroic response to the hurt and devastation by those called into action to defend and protect.  We watch the reflections of 9/11 each year and tears roll down our cheeks but we are inspired by the men and women that ran toward the scene while others ran away.  Take time to thank those that serve us, many times for little or no money.  We owe our first responders, police, and fire departments a great debt of gratitude for all they have done and continue to do on behalf of our communities.  Let us never forget 9/11 and those that gave their lives trying to rescue the innocent people that died that Tuesday morning in September 2001.

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