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Robert Burby Wins The 2020 Sheriff’s Race

By Heather Foster  Photo Credit – Heather Foster

The Sheriff’s Race in Newton County was the most anticipated race of this year’s primary election, and with no opposing party on the ballot, this election would determine who the next sheriff of Newton County would be.  Those in attendance on the courthouse square were eagerly awaiting the early voting results on election night.  Soon after the polls closed, the number were posted with a red dry-erase marker inside the gazebo that read Hall 473 and Burby 629.  As boxes began to filter in, Burby won nearly every precinct in Newton and garnered about 59% of the votes to Hall’s 41% with an official final count of Burby 2,308 votes and Hall 1,6111 votes.  Official numbers were not yet available from the County Clerk’s Office.

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