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NISD Announces Its Plan For New School Year

With all the challenges and changes COVID-19 has created for the current situation in teaching school, a new plan is in place for NISD.  Of course, the plan is subject to change, due to the fact that regulations change as needed according to the government, TEA and UIL.  Superintendent, Michelle Barrow said that NISD is giving parents two options this year for their child’s learning.

The first option is the traditional option: face to face instruction on all three campuses.

The second option is the home online learning option.  The at-home learning option is being provided for families who have health and safety concerns with sending their children back to school.  Barrow said, “Regardless of which learning option you choose for your child, the expectations for coursework and the grading system will be the same for both.”

NISD is offering One Stop Registration this week on Tuesday, July 14 and Wednesday, July 15 from 10 to 6 at the elementary campus.  Parents/Guardians will be given paperwork to review at home and return by July 31st making a commitment to the type of instruction they would like their child to have.  Once the decision is made, the student must participate in that type of instruction for a six weeks period.  Changes cannot be made from traditional or online learning during a grading period.  Supt. Barrow said, “It is clear that COVID-19 has changed the world in so many ways, and the district continues to appreciate your support and understanding as we work through this difficult time.  Together, we will remain committed to supporting each other and every student on their learning journey.”

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