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City of Newton is Down But Not Out!

Photo by Caleb Wilkerson

The Bean Building the morning of the hurricane.  75 mph winds tore the roof off of the building on the Newton County Square.  The building was a mexican restaurant in recent years and burned on January 4, 2017.  As you can see, the historic bricks were scattered into the street during the storm.

We spoke with City Administrator Donnie Meek and he stated that the City of Newton received substantial damage comparing to the damage it suffered in Hurricane Rita.  Meek said that at least 15o electric poles were down with services and wire torn down all over town.  Several water and gas lines were broken.  They have all been repaired but the city is currently under a Boil Water Notice.

He said that the city’s first priority has been to get the commercial infrastructure up and running in order to supply the residents with much needed supplies, such as water, food, and gas. He explained that re-establishing commercial infrastructure is critical to moving forward in a disaster.  Meek said he is hoping to have 100% of the customers restored by Thursday or Friday of this week.  He is estimating somewhere around $5,000,000 in damage to the city.

Meek wanted to be sure to thank the residents of Newton for their patience and understanding during this difficult time.  He also wanted to thank all those friends and neighbors who have been diligently working to remove limbs, trees, and debris all over town.  “We have been blessed without measure and God gets all the credit, for without Him we can do nothing.  To Him be all the glory and praise.”

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