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Hurricane Laura Leaves a Wake of Destruction in Newton County

Photo by Noah Wilkerson

We spoke with Newton County Judge Kenneth Weeks on Sunday afternoon to get the latest information on Hurricane Laura’s damages and the relief that is coming to Newton County. Judge Weeks said Newton County suffered a great deal of damage due to very high winds , estimated around 75 mph, that caused many downed trees throughout the county.  He said as a result of the high winds that took down the trees, power lines were torn down all throughout the county leaving hundreds, if not thousands, without power.  As a result of the downed trees, water and gas lines were broken and then covered with the debris making it more difficult to find and repair.  Weeks acknowledged the City’s tremendous efforts to stop those leaks and keep the water and natural gas available to its citizens.

He shared that as of Saturday, August 29, the Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM) is here in Newton County and assessing damages to see exactly what help will be needed in the coming days.

Judge Weeks wanted to make sure folks knew where the help was located in Newton County.  Ice, water and MRE’s are being given in Newton – Newton Airport just north on Hwy. 87; Burkeville – Cade Building Hwy. 63 in Burkeville; Toledo Bend – Fire Station – 8663 RR 255 E., Burkeville; Deweyville – Deweyville High School – 171 TX-12, Orange.

Victoria Rivera is pictured on Thursday after the winds of Hurricane Laura destroyed her home.  She lived on Hwy. 87 south of Newton with her mom and sister. Rivera said, “I’m so glad I listened to that still small voice and left.”  Our prayers go out to her and all the families affected by the storm.

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