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Eagles Soar High Above the Owls, 62-0

By Jon Meek

Photos by Heather Foster


The Newton Eagles loaded up Friday for a long three-hour drive to Anderson, Texas to face the 2-2 (1-0) Owls. Anderson-Shiro gave Newton a close contest in the District Championship during their last season, so the Eagles expected a fight from the Owls.

Anderson-Shiro won the toss and deferred to the second half so the Eagles elected to receive. The Owls immediately showed the Eagles they were not intimidated and kicked an onside kick on the opening kickoff. It created a scramble for the ball and the Owls recovered. Anderson-Shiro wasted no time. With the ball at the Owl 45 yard line, they went to work. Dropping back to pass, Mercer the Owl’s quarterback threw the ball deep downfield. Newton’s DB/QB Nate Williams was trailing the Owl receiver. As the ball came down, Williams leapt out fully extended and made the interception. Newton had the ball.

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Cover Photo: Leighton Foster (sophomore) putting up points for the Eagle’s defense with a Pick 6 against the Owls.

2nd Photo: DeAnthony Gatson carried for a total of 299 yards rushing against Anderson-Shiro’s defense.


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