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DETEC Announces Outages

Tuesday, 9 AM

Many have lost power overnight due to extreme load on the power system as temperatures have drastically dropped. These outages are not “blackouts,” but simply the inability to keep up with demand. Crews have worked tirelessly all night to find resolutions. Please try and conserve to the best of your ability.

ERCOT continues to issue mandated rolling blackouts.  These rolling blackouts are only issued to our members within the ERCOT system which is north and west Nacogdoches.  All other outages are not blackouts, but true outages due to load.

The length of both rolling blackouts and these outages has lengthened.  As we attempt to reenergize areas, heaters and appliances come on at the same time and we battle trying to balance this load which results in a reoccurring outage. To deal with the overload, we must bring areas online in smaller increments which requires more time, but is necessary.  With this, we cannot accurately tell you how long your power will be out each time and how long it will take to be restored.

Many are concerned about losing their heating units and appliances due to blinks, flickers and constant outages. The best advice we can give is to try shutting them off completely until these issues are resolved. We know this advice does not help your heating need situations, but it is the only recommendation we can provide until we can confidently assure your power will remain on.

This information is not the news we all want to receive, all Texans are dealing with these issues and we are in this with you all. We fully understand how uncomfortable it is and will continue to do all that we can to bring you power.

It is expected that eventually all will experience these rotating power outages. Please make all efforts now to reduce load. Recommended measures include:

  • Reducing heaters to 68 degrees
  • Turning off or unplugging nonessential appliances
  • Avoiding the use of large appliances
  • Minimizing the use of electric lights
  • Closing shades or blinds to better insulate windows

Brittney Ford

Director of Communications & Member Services

Deep East Texas Electric Cooperative, Inc.

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