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Winter Blast Hits East Texas

Two very strong winter fronts are blowing through Texas this week. The first blast hit on Monday morning leaving 4-6 inches of snow and ice in Newton and the surrounding area. The second blast is expected to move through Newton County by Wednesday. The main threat remains to be freezing rain making travel very dangerous for the state of Texas. Governor Abbott has asked Texans to avoid travel if at all possible.

Judge Kenneth Weeks issued at Declaration of Disaster on Sunday the 14th, declaring the imminent threat of the February Winter Weather event as described in reports issued by the National Weather Service. The warning issued by the NWS suggests freezing rain, snow, and ice accumulation on trees and power lines over an extended time create destructive scenarios for East Texas residents. The unprecedented weather is setting records throughout the state as lows may be in the single digits for the Lakes Area. Be safe and use caution as temperatures are not expected to begin to rise above freeing until the latter part of this week.

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