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Newton County Courthouse to Receive 1.1 Million for Preservation

Nichols and White announce significant funding for Tyler County and Newton County Courthouses Austin, TX – Today, Texas State Senator Robert Nichols (R- Jacksonville) and Texas State Representative James White (R-Hillister) announced a significant allocation of funding for the Tyler County and Newton County courthouses.

“Representative White and I have worked hard to ensure that our historic courthouses in Newton County and Tyler County are preserved,” said Senator Nichols. “These funds will ensure that any maintenance, renovation, or preservation is funded. Our historic county courthouses tell such important stories about Texans who came before us and these funds will maintain our commitment to preserving that history.”

During the 87th Legislative Session, Tyler County was appropriated $1 million and Newton County was appropriated $1.1 million for courthouse preservation through the Texas Historical Com- mission’s Courthouse Grants program. This nationally recognized and award-winning program has funded 70 Texas courthouse restorations, another 29-courthouse emergency or planning work, and 25 preservation Master Plan updates. With more historic courthouses than any other state in the nation, the Texas Historical Commission has made every effort to maintain this impressive collection of historic public architecture.

Editor’s Note: We were given the privilege of breaking the news about the county receiving the grant to Judge Weeks on Monday morning. He was very happy to hear the news. He told us that he had received a call about a week and a half ago asking about the needs of the courthouse. His reply to that question made way for the 1.1 million dollar grant that is coming to Newton County. His exact words were, “I am most happy about the grant we will receive. It will greatly help as we work to restore the deterioration of the building and update the

house had also sustained damage to the top floor roof and bell tower during Hurricane Laura and had lost some of the slate tiles. The judge told us that some of those damages would not be covered by insurance so the funding would help restore the roof to its original state. Judge Weeks is very grateful for the help Newton County is receiving and wanted to salute Representative White and Senator Nichols for their hard work. The grant is another big win for Newton County as they look to rebuild and restore for the years to come.

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