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Coffee with the Candidates

Editor’s Note:  We wanted to provide an opportunity for the Newton County Judge candidates to speak to the voters on the matters that mean the most to them and to you.

  1.  NCN:  Some little boys dream about becoming a policeman or a fire fighter.  As you think back, what did you want to be when you grew up?  Judge Kenneth Weeks:  My dream as a boy was to become a farmer and rancher.  Growing up in Weeks Community in north Newton County, I had a very limited perception of the world.  And, as the oldest boy in my family, most of my time outside of school was spent helping support the family by working long days and nights in our gardens and with our animals.  It was my life, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  Ronnie Cochran:  Growing up in the seventies watching the Apollo missions on TV captivated me and I wanted to work for NASA to become an astronaut.  That dream was dashed a little later in my childhood when I was climbing trees and fell 25 ft. to the ground.  I realized them that was way too high in the air for me.
  2.   NCN:  What made you decide to run for Newton County Judge?  Judge Kenneth Weeks:  Newton County is my home.  I have lived, worked, and raised a family here.  Throughout my life, I have strived to make the communities of Burkeville and Wiergate a better place for my neighbors and friends.  After I retired and liquidated by business, I decided to run for Newton County Judge because I believed I could help improve the county as a whole.  I had watched the county become stagnant and struggle to keep up with the surrounding areas.  So, my focus was and is to improve the infrastructure within our county and bring more economic, while keeping safety and quality of life for our Newton County residents on the forefront.  Ronnie Cochran:  I was always interested in the news and politics from a very young age.  I remember sitting with my dad, watching Walter Cronkite and have always kept a keen interest in local and national politics.  I was approached by former county officials and asking if I would consider running, me being unhappy with the fiscal mismanagement and the county having to lay off employees was a big factor in my decision.  I told them that I would talk it over with my wife and we would pray about the decision before I gave my answer.  My biggest fear was would it negatively affect my family especially my children.  After much prayer and discussion, the decision was made to run as we felt I could make a positive difference in people’s lives.

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