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A Wish Comes True for Local “Superstar”


 Make-A-Wish Texas Gulf Coast and Louisiana Grants Newton Kid’s Wish for New Pool 

Five-Year-Old Wish Kid Kathryn Uses Swimming to Find Respite from Leukemia Battle 

Houston, TX—Make-A-Wish Texas Gulf Coast and Louisiana recently brought to life a 5-year-old child’s wish for a new pool in the backyard of her Newton, Texas, home. 

With thermometers across the area offering proof that another sweltering Texas summer has begun, wish kid Kathryn was extremely eager to cool off with her sister in their personal oasis. After a difficult treatment regimen since her leukemia diagnosis, Kathryn entered the “maintenance” phase of treatment at the beginning of July. 

“The timing is perfect,” said Brittany Lewis, Kathryn’s mother. “Make-A-Wish has provided us with a way of celebrating after completing the hardest part of treatment. The entire Make-A-Wish experience has been encouraging, supportive, and a breath of fresh air.” 

“We grant each child’s wish when they need it most, when it will have the most beneficial impact on their mental and physical well-being,” said Yara Elsayed Guest, President and CEO of Make-A-Wish Texas Gulf Coast and Louisiana. “With the strength and courage Kathryn has shown during her battle, it can be easy to forget she is just five years old. Now, her pool will allow her to play and enjoy the summer, like all kids should.” 

After Kathryn chose her wish, Make-A-Wish worked with her family and local contractors to create a pool that is best suited to Kathryn’s needs and meets her number one objective: to give her and her sister, cousins, and friends a fun place to play and cool off—to be, simply, kids. 

 “We have felt the support, love, and encouragement during this process,” Lewis said. 

“Make-A-Wish has given Kathryn, and our entire family, hope and something happy to look forward to.” 

There are currently more than 50 other local kids in Newton, Orange, and Jasper counties on a wish journey with Make-A-Wish, and there are almost limitless ways to be involved as a donor or volunteer. 

To learn more and get involved with Make-A-Wish, visit 

Editor’s Note: Congratulations Kathryn! We are so delighted that your wish came true! Our prayers are with you sweet girl! You REALLY are a superstar!


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